This Boy…Is Finally a Teen

Yes, today is JV’s 13th birthday.  I no longer have a boy younger than a teen.  What?

JV Jan 2007 lost his first tooth at 7 years old.

JV lost his last baby tooth a couple of months ago.  With the last tooth falling out we ended all things baby or even little kid in this house.  JV has always struggled with losing his teeth. It had been a painful process,  but now he has some beautiful teeth.

So instead of focusing on what is behind, I want to focus on what is right now.

This boy is 13. He could not wait to be a teen, I mean really couldn’t WAIT to be a teen.  But then last night he told me that he doesn’t want to be 13; he wants to go back so he can do all his basketball camps again.

See,this boy loves basketball.  He goes outside and plays all the time in our driveway.  He even played till well past dark in 30 degree weather.  He just finished a week long basketball camp at Century High.  He has more camps lined up for the next 5 weeks.

This boys hates math, but is really good at it.

This boys always has earbuds in his ears.  He used to love country music, now it really is pop that he enjoys.

This boy drinks out of a different style or shape of glass or mug for every drink he has.  He loves chocolate milk and an occassional Fanta.

This boy is now 5 foot 8 inches tall.  He is taller than me.  What, how can that be?  He is growing a half an inch a month right now.  He is tall and skinny, and getting stronger and stronger.

He says he doesn’t like to read, but can be found with a book, staying up way too late to finish it.  Yes, this only happens when it is a “good” book.

This boy can’t wait to drive, and looks up to his big brother.  He loves when he gets to go somewhere just with his big brother. He is enjoying the fact he isn’t the youngest at most things any more. He is a stickler for rules and makes sure others know they aren’t following the rules.  He is still is Mr. Opp to us because he likes to be opposite of the rest of us. But that is changing. It must be a sign of a true leader, so that is a very good thing, just hard to live with on my bad days.

This boy and I butt heads easily and hug easily.

This boy loves to help his Dad outside.  He loves to help with the garden planning or ride 4 wheeler.

This boy still enjoys playing computer games.  His 13th birthday gift is an HP laptop.  He is going to need one for school. Trying to share one with his brother just wasn’t working.  That is what he wanted, so he got to pick it out.

This boy has a lot of interests.  He can be seen watching “Home Improvement” or “The Singing Bee” for relaxation.

This boy can cook several things and clean house.

When I close my eyes, this is how I see my little guy, just 6 years old, still has not lost his teeth.  But he isn’t.  He is 13, and his Dad and I are so proud of him.

This boy is so amazing, and I am so glad that he is mine.

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