Junkin’ Finds – June 10

I have had some great luck lately in finding interesting items.

Look at this adorable girl set.  I have never seen something like this before.  It is a plate, mug and bowl that can be used or displayed.  I just had to get this one listed quickly.

I got this family of Eastern Indian or Polynesian busts which are Marwal from a woman who has Alzheimer’s.  Her friend was selling them for her.  I wonder why this woman had purchased them.  They aren’t typical decoration in North Dakota.  Where was she when she decided to purchase them.  I was told she had them for years.

I had another Polynesian bust that I listed and sold last fall.  So I am hopeful these will sell as well.  I have listed them separately at my shop because I felt like they might sell better that way.  Do you think I should have listed them together?

There was something about this hard suitcase I thought was fun.  It has surface issues, but the inside was in great condition. I listed it this week in the morning and it was sold about 4 hours later.  Love that kind of turn around.

I found a couple more hats.  This pink sequence one is fancy.

And this green feather headband hat was just plain funky fun.

I have been listing items as fast as I can in my shop.  I am noticing a lot more traffic.  I am getting really close to my 100th sale.  That will be a fantastic milestone to reach.  I will be sure to let you know.

So have you found anything you just couldn’t resist?

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17 thoughts on “Junkin’ Finds – June 10

  1. That mug, bowl, and dish set is just the sweetest thing; I’ve never seen one before either. Really like that suitcase too. Thanks for sharing your treasures!

  2. The mug bowl plate set is from Home Grown! I had a farmer and his wife! And one of them came in the box!!! They were made in the 1970s – that may help you if you want to research your set!

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  4. The Girl Bowl, cup and plate set…I have this 🙂 What do you know of it and its value? I am very curious to find out more about it.

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