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My son, JV, is participating in a basketball camp this week for 1.25 hours a day.  I live 10 minutes away from Bismarck, so when I take him, I do not come home.  I would barely get home and have to go back.  This morning I woke up with a horrible pain in my back behind my shoulder-blade.  Have no idea what I did, but it has been so painful all day.  I haven’t been able to do much, or I get hit with shooting pains. That is the bad news

The good news is that I decide to walk the aisles of Target while I waited for my son since I couldn’t do much else, and my shoulder didn’t hurt any worse while walking.  I found a couple of food items on sale.  When Target has sales on food, they can have some great sales.  So I went to the checkout and purchased my items.  I grabbed my bag…slowly.  As I turned to leave the words, “Secondhand” caught my eye on the rack.  I felt my heart beat a little bit faster…what can this be?  I picked up this.

Photo of front cover of Secondhand Treasures Magazine by Source Interlink Media

A 128 page magazine on searching for, selling and repurposing second hand treasures.  Am I dreaming?

I had not heard of this special magazine before.  I picked it up and quickly paged through it.  It was beautiful.  So I walked to the next register and bought it.  It was marked at $9.99 but it rang up for $4.95.  Even better for a deal hunter like me.

Since I can’t do much tonight, I have started looking through this lovely little find.

Photo of page 64-65 of Second Hand Treasures

Not only is this a magazine about a little passion of mine, it has stunning photography, and so far, interesting articles.

Photo of pages 108-109 of Secondhand Treasures

There is even a section on repurposing or recycling treasures that are found.

I have done an online search and can not find it anywhere.  I even went to the Publisher’s website and can’t find it there.  Amazon doesn’t even have it. So I am not sure how I stumbled across this gem, and at Target.  I think I fell in love with Target just a little more.  So run to Target and see if it is at your store.  Have you heard of this publication?

Now if you will excuse me, I need to nurse my sore back and shoulder while I do a little reading, right after I wipe up a little drool.

33 thoughts on “Secondhand Treasures Magazine

  1. I found mine at Walmart. ( I live in NW Ohio) Love it! It is obviously a brand new magazine. I hope it lasts….I’ve gotten hooked on some great magazine before and then they quit…and give me a “replacement” to finish up my subscription. This mag has a ton of good information.

  2. well heck, I just saw it at Walgreen’s….passed it up thinking I could find a better price online than $ 9.99…no luck! I do see two other blogspot postings, one is from a shop that is featured in the mag….guess who’s heading back to Walgreen’s! that would be me 🙂

  3. Has anyone who’s bought it looked at the publisher, etc. at the front of the magazine? You all have my curiosity up now and because I don’t live in the U.S. (live in Canada), I’m sure it’ll be impossible to find here! I’m dying to know who publishes it so I could maybe contact them about it.



    • Hello Neighbor,
      I live in North Dakota so we are neighbors.
      The publishers are Source Interlink Media. I have done website searches and can’t find this magazine. Really strange. Why put a magazine out and not make it readily available.
      I did see one sold on Ebay so it may be a way for you to find it.

      Good luck in your search. I really enjoyed the magazine.


  4. I bought the magazine at Walmart & took it on vacation. What a great find to take along on vacation! Love it & am wondering if it was a one time publication or if it will be published regularly.

    • I wish I knew if it was a one time thing or not. I think it must be, but I still have not found out any more info on it. Glad you found it and enjoyed it.

  5. I too just picked it up yesterday, at Wal-Mart. I am starting my own business in refurbishing old furniture, and of course because of my love of flea markets and antique finds my interest was peaked by the title, and the colors of the front drew me to pick it up. As I thumbed through I was hooked! As my husband left out the door this morning I snuggled on the couch with my coffee and new found magazine and was hooked completely 3 pages in, so much information, beautiful photo’s I couldn’t put it down. When I began a search to get a subscription I too came up empty but found this page…had to leave a remark. So fun to find people like me thrilled to have found this!! Hope we can get a subscription soon!

    • I love hearing that there are others that loved this issue as much as I did. I really wish it was easier to find out there. I really wonder why it is so “secretive”. Let’s hope there will be subsequent issues and even a subscription to it.

      Good luck with your refurbishing business.

      • Thank you so much! It comes at a time of life where I either make it a go, or go back to the 9-5, I hope in this economy enough people are looking for deals, and enough interest in unique items!
        It certainly does seem “secretive”…when I realized how much I already enjoyed it, I immediately looked for a card to mail in for a subscription, and there was nothing, haha, I was shocked!! If I hear anything new, I’ll be checking this thread closely 🙂 Have a great week!

  6. I found this magazine at the local supermarket “Alberston’s” to be exact! I totally love it. I am waiting very inmpatiently for the next issue.. Hopefully there will be….

  7. I see that your post about this magazine was in June 2012, then the last post was in September. Well, it is now Janury 16, 2013 and I just saw he exact same magazine, same cover and insides, in a Tractor Supply store in SC. I too, thought at the time, that I would be able to find it cheaper than the 9.99 price so I passed it up. All of my searches online and off have come to nothing! That’s how I ended up here. How can that same (wonderful) magazine be on the rack for 8 months and yet no one can find it now or where it came from?? I too, LOVED it! Somebody please, please help us find it!!!! ‘Lane

    • I keep my eye out for it, thinking that a new issue may come out, but I am thinking it was a special issue only. If I ever find out more, I will let eveyone know.

  8. Same here. I live in Minnesota and bought the mag in Sept. I’ve been looking for the new issue every week since at Barnes & Noble. No luck but a great magazine!

  9. They have just published another magazine (I live in UK) and my friend from USA told me about it called Flea Market Finds – I have downloaded the app on itunes and it is a stunning magazine full of wonderful photography (great layouts) interesting, readable articles and fab tips.
    I am sure you will love it

    • Thanks for letting me know. I have tried contacting the company and have never received a reply, so I thought it was a once and done thing. I will definitely be looking for the Flea Market Finds in hard copy…still love looking through paper magazines. 🙂

  10. Hi Karen, I too grabbed this same copy of Secondhand Treasures Magazine… I work for a company called All’asta and this publication is/would have been a great chance for us to get our name out there. Since that may not be possible, I thought I’d at least reach out to you and your followers to give you the scoop! The short version of the story is that All’asta puts a unique spin on the home party concept by allowing guests to bring treasures to sell to the auction party in addition to our eclectic catalog. Check us out! Happy hunting 🙂

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