A Few More Thrifty Finds

I recently found some small items.  This Canasta board drew my attention just because of the envelope it is in.  I like the graphics and the colors of this one.  I have never played Canasta.  Is it easy?

This is one game I remember playing with my sisters, Pic-Up-Stix.  For a young girl, this taught patience and a steady hand.  My Mom kept this in her bedroom.  Not sure why it wasn’t with the rest of the games.  But I do remember playing on my Mom’s bedroom floor.  Nope she didn’t have carpet in her bedroom.

Since I mentioned my sisters, I have this old-fashioned hair clippers.  My sister, Sue, is a hair dresser.  I wonder how she would like her job if she had to use a pair of these.  I just like them because of the old metal.

Finally these fish wall hangings.  I think if you had a girl’s bathroom, they would look adorable in there.

I really have purchased a lot of items lately.  How about you?

Link to: Coastal Charm’s Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

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