Snoopy Jack in The Box

I spent some time today at Minnesota Antiques.  Yes, I am in Minnesota.  Big M had a conference in Bloomington, MN today and tomorrow so I went along since it is near IKEA.  I hit a couple of thrift stores before IKEA.  One of them was not open.  As I drove up there was a couple looking in the windows.  We started chatting and they told me about this large antique store in Burnsville.  All I was told was to take 35W, then 13 going East and I would see it.  I decided to be adventurous and try it.   Found no trouble.

It is a huge antique store.  I had a nice, relaxing time walking through the booths.  The best thing I saw was a toy from my childhood.  Sorry that the picture isn’t great.

This 1966 Snoopy Jack in the Box.  I remember playing with it a ton.  What is it about the popping up of a little snoopy that could hold my attention.  My siblings and I played with it so much the snoopy dress ripped.

I thought about buying it just for memory sake, but it was $22.  Just decided to enjoy the memory and move on.

Do you remember this toy?  Did you have a favorite toy?

9 thoughts on “Snoopy Jack in The Box

  1. I am a huge Snoopy fan. I happened to run across one of these very jack-in-the-boxes at a yard sale last year. I scooped him right up. While I didn’t have one when younger, I enjoy it now!

  2. Did you ever find one for a better price then $22 dollars?
    Just curious if you found one or someone bought you one and you felt reunited with an old friend who popped up every time you crank that handle
    By the way how old were you when you had this toy?
    Again just wondering

      • Also I forgot to mention to say “Your Welcome”
        and Also when the Snoopy dress tore couldn’t you or your mom or anyone else sew it back on,Or is it kind of hard to sew fabric of a puppet in a Jack in the box, Just wondering cause I’ve seen some old ones that have the dress part torn.

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