Nursery Scale and Toy Telephone Love

Edited:  The scale sold immediately to a wonderful photographer in Ohio.  I bet many Moms are going to love the photos they get with their little one on this scale.

Look what I found…another scale.  This one is simply adorable.  It is an American Family Nursery Scale.  Why a nursery scale, you ask?

Because it has the platform for the scale, so that a newborn could be weighed.  This scale is in awesome condition for its age.  I think it was the late 1960s.

Can’t you just see it in a nursery or a photographer using it for a photography prop.  Just add a little white fur in the platform, and it would make an awesome photo.  Almost makes me wish I had a little one on the way, just to take a photo.  Almost, but not quite.

Anyway, I just had to show it to you. I already listed it in my shop. 

You may not be able to see it, but this scale can weigh up to 30 pounds…what?  Has there ever been a newborn that weighs that much?  My sympathies to that dear one’s Mom.

I also found this adorable red metal toy telephone.  I adore the look of this phone.  It is so cute.  I wonder if a toddler would even know what it is?  It really does not look anything like a home phone of today much less the cell phones that most people have.  I am sure feeling nostalgic today.

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