Nike Vest – $1.59

What do you do when you have about 30 minutes before you need to pick up your son, and it is in the 90s with high humidity?  You go thrift shopping.

Yep, this week I had 30 minutes to waste, so I stopped at Dakota Boys and Girls Thrift Store.  They have air conditioning.  Normally I will sit in the car and read a good book or walk around the parking lot to get my 10,000 steps in.  But I just couldn’t do it today.

So after looking through the household goods, I still had 10 minutes left, so I decided to check out the shirts.  As I was looking through the rack, an employee basically elbowed in to put a couple of shirts in the rack right where I was looking.  I was a little annoyed until I saw this.

A Nike Vest.  A light tan vest, just my size and looking new.  I checked out the tag…$5.99, but it was pink and pink was 75% off today.  So I checked the zipper to make sure it worked and happily took it home for $1.59.  This heat will end, and soon I will be wearing long sleeve t-shirts with this little piece over it.

I so enjoy having a little extra time and just a little bit of luck.

Any good clothing finds lately?

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