New Hairdo

I am finally ready to show you my new do.  I have had long hair all my life.  The shortest was a chin bob.  But for the past 6 months, I started to think I needed a change…a big change.

Here is what I looked like 3 weeks ago with Big M.

I was in desperate need of a haircut.  My hair was way beyond shoulder length.  When I was in Minnesota I saw my sister, Sue, who is a hairdresser.  I told her to cut it all off.  She did a great job. Here is what my hair looks like now.

I have to admit that I was doing a double take each time I caught my image in a mirror.  Finally I am used to it.  I am so enjoying the coolness of my do, as well as the ease of taking care of it.  I think I will keep it this was for a while.

Any big changes in your life?

8 thoughts on “New Hairdo

  1. Karen,
    Love your new look. I keep thinking it would be great to go short, anything to help with the hot flashes!!….however my neck is too long and skinny and I end up looking like a Q-tip. Are you still thinking about an August visit? We would love to see you guys, Cyndee

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