Thrifty Finds – July 7

I really enjoy summer and the ability to go out and search for treasures.  Here are a couple I haven’t shown you.

I fell for this toolbox with its scratched gray exterior and green interior.

I always loved Bugs Bunny growing up.  My boys still watch it.  I know my Mom watched the show too.  Bugs is for everyone, so when I spotted this battery powered toothbrush I picked it up.  I think I like the graphics on the box even more than the toothbrush.

Today I got up early and got some chores done, and then I ran to an auction sale for a couple of hours. I always feel better sitting there when I have some work done first.  I would rather spend two hours at a sale than go to a movie.  It really is my entertainment.

I got mostly glass items.

More vintage light shades.  3 pink and 1 light blue.  Unfortunately one has a crack, but I love the styles of them.

I think this is Indiana Glass.  Normally I stay away from green glassware, but I love the iridescent shine to this goblet.

Love the color of this fiesta ware gravy boat.

These three bottles were in one lot.  I like vintage milk bottles, but what I really wanted was this square Italy glass pitcher with aqua cover.

Finally this Ziploc bag of old keys.  I will sort them and sell them for craft projects.  Although I do have a thing for keys so I am sure I will keep one or two.

Did you have luck in your junkin’ this weekend?

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