Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera with Leather Case

I have a lot to show and tell in the next week or so.  In the last two days I attended two auction sales and several garage sales, so I have been busy.  Thursday night I was in Dickinson so my Mom and I went.  My sister, Lynette, joined us later.  We did a lot of visiting while the sale was going on.  Can’t beat that.  My sister, even bought a wonderful wood makeup station chair and Mom bought a standup jewelry box.

Lest any of you think going to auctions is a glamorous task, here is a photo from today.  Around here we do not have fancy auction houses.  Most auctions are outside in the heat.  People swarm around a trailer to see the items to bid on.  Yes there are women there, but this was taken while they were auctioning off fishing equipment so the men swarmed.  It was hot today…in the low 90s with no wind.  But I really do enjoy it.  It is my entertainment as well as my job now.

I can’t wait to tell you about the garage sale held by a 93-year-old woman.  I purchased some great items, but even more important…I was able to visit with her, hear her stories, see her 73-year-old wedding photo and shoes, and get a hug from her.  She totally made my day on Friday.

But in the meantime…I picked up this Polaroid SX-70 LAnd CAmera with Leather Case at the auction today.  A quick search shows that it is selling for a lot of money, so  I already listed it on Ebay.  I don’t sell on Ebay often, but I really didn’t know what to price this camera at so I figure I would try Ebay.

I also have listed a garage station light fixture as well.

Wish me luck.

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