Sweet Peas

This is our garden.  Big M has put a lot of time into getting our garden to grow.  He is the one who waters it.  We both work on weeding it.  My favorite time to weed is early in the morning around 7 a.m. before it gets hot.

This morning I went out to try to harvest anything.  We have eaten kolarobi and lettuce, but not much else.  So when Big M brought a zucchini in last night I knew it was time to check the peas. It was about 70 degrees and no wind, simply a gorgeous, peace-filled morning. As I worked robins and kildeers serenaded me.  As I was about finished a jackrabbit hopped across the yard.  This is when I love living outside of the city.

I found a few peas.  Enough for all of us to eat a few.  We love them shelled, then we eat them raw.

Just so you know I am particular about my peas, yes, a pea snob, I am.  I do not like them fat. I do not like them thin. Eat them straight out of the pods, Eat them right and I will grin.  Ha, just channeling my Dr. Seuss.  I think I better stick to just writing prose.

This is about as fat as I want my peas.  To me they lose their taste when they are much fatter.

Since I love close up photography, had to take a photo of those gorgeous yellow-green peas ready to snarf down.  If you like peas, this will make you drool.

Finally I found three beets ready to peel and cook with tonight’s dinner.  Oh I do love when our garden starts to produce. Guess we will have chicken, lettuce and beets for our meal.

So what are you eating tonight?

5 thoughts on “Sweet Peas

  1. Beautiful, beautiful garden. Tell Big M for me too!

    Last night I filled my tummy with the first peas as well. Picked a tease amount of cucs also. The fruits of the last six weeks labor are appearring! Yes, we must enjoy before mother natures frost gets them which could be anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.

    • Cucs? So jealous, we again have a ton of blooms and the plants are beautiful, but no cucs insight. Enjoy them.
      I am not looking forward to frost but I am enjoying the little bit cooler weather today. I have just been…Hot.

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