Junkin’ Updates

Last week while I was waiting for my son to finish his camp I ran over to Mandan to a thrift store called, Community Blessings.  It is a for profit, but it uses the money to help furnish homes of people who have nothing.  Believe me with the influx of people to our great State because of our booming economy and the oil boom, there are a lot of people in struggling situations.  While I was there we started chatting, and the owner told me she just got in a truck of old windows from a house that was torn down.  They were dirty, but if I wanted any I could buy some.  Old windows….you got it.

I picked the two windows above for my home.  They were very dirty. I forgot to take a before photo of the little one.  It was filthy, but I snapped this photo before I cleaned the larger one.  I want to finish the little window with a word.  The larger window I want to hang a wire from the two side knobs to clip on things, and then I want to find or make a small wreath to hang from the upper knob.  Should be fun to add to my entryway.

I have been working every spare minute to go through and organize all my recent purchases.  It is slow, but coming along.  Have to show you two items.

Do you know what it is?  It is a Farm Pausterizer.  On Tuesday I was running errands in the afternoon. I had seen a garage sale add that said they were selling their Mom’s items from 1940 to 1970.  However they did not have a start time except to say, evening.  I was out about 2:30, and it was on the way to my errands so I drove by and they were outside with their stuff.  I asked if they were open?  “Yes, we just opened, and you and the first one.”  Music to my ears.

An hour later after digging through boxes and hearing lots of stories (the man grew up on a dairy farm so we had lots to chat about), I got several boxes of items.  They all were very filthy items, so I am working on cleaning them up.  The couple told me the item above was a bottle warmer.  I knew it wasn’t quite that, but had to be similar.  I love the color of it.  It is a milk or cream farm pasteurizer. Well after doing some research these seem to be selling anywhere between $50 and $100, so I hope to list it today.

This little guy is probably my favorite Kitschy item from their place.  It is a little owl bank.  As much as I am drawn to owls.  I think they are so adorable, I do not have any that I keep. I enjoy them before they are sold, so this little guy will get listed on Etsy some time as well.

Finally an update. 

I showed you this guy, an old Polaroid, that I found in a box from Saturday’s auction.  I listed is on a bidding auction on Ebay.  Today is the last day.  I just checked it, and the bid is at $60.  Definitely a nice find.

So today I do not have to go anywhere. My boys and I are going to be working hard on my items.  We are supposed to have 100 degrees today with the heat index at 110.  Not my kind of day to be outside at all.

Hope you find a way to stay cool.


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