Featuring Others – Mamie Jane’s

Taken from Mamiejanies.blogspot.com

I love to read other junker blogs, DIY blogs, thrifty blogs or any one who just loves vintage things. I have many blogs in my Google Reader, but I have to say if there is one person I love to see has a new post it is Jane over at Mamie Jane’s. Every single project she posts I love. She has an eye for putting junk together to make it look beautiful.

Look at the coat hanger she created above.  I recently came across barn wood, that I am hoping my husband will help me out with.

Jane posted the project above recently, and now I am on the lookout for a red handle potato masher.

After this post on vintage shoe stretcher I came across one at a garage sale, and I had to snatch it up. Trying to find a hook that would work with it.

I am pretty sure I have featured one of Mamie Jane’s projects before, but I simply love her work. A couple of other fantastic posts include:  Displaying Multiples and Repurposed Metal File Tool.

All I know is that I am a silent stalker of Mamie Jane’s. Love her stuff, and I know I would love to go junkin’ with her. Oh how I wish we were neighbors so that maybe, just maybe, an ounce of creativity would somehow ooze over to me.
So go check out her blog: Mamie Jane’s. If you love old things, I just know you will be inspired.

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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