Old Spice

Do you ever have those times when you see something and just like that you are back in your past?  The memory hits so hard, it feels real?

That is what happened today.  I saw this listing for an Old Spice container at an Etsy shop I have as a Favorite, called Nickadizzy.  It completely brought back memories of me as a little girl. My Dad was a farmer, but most Saturday nights from September through March, he would take my Mom out. They didn’t go out as much during the busy summer months of farming. Dad worked hard, but Saturday nights after chores, were for Mom and being with friends, and Sunday was for Church and rest. They would go dancing, playing cards, or spend time with friends.

When my Dad would get ready to go out on the town with Mom, he would let me stand on the toilet and watch him shave. (We had a tiny bathroom.) Then he would put Old Spice on. I loved that smell.  Sometimes rubbing a little on my cheeks.  I don’t really remember why I liked watching him shave.  As I got a little older sometimes he would ask me to shine his shoes.  It really is the little things in life that are special, and I try so hard to remember that with my boys.

This, however, is why I love vintage items.  It is the memories they invoke.  They really are time travel in real life.

Anything bring a great memory to life for you, lately?

4 thoughts on “Old Spice

  1. Yes, this is what our folks did and often. Sad how now days we just feel we don’t have time. And oh how the smell permeated as he walked through the house!! I miss Dad!

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