Over 50 Sales in Just Over 6 Weeks

I know I have not been showing too many items that I have bought lately, but I have a reason.  I have been listing and selling items in my shop.  Here is my latest sale today, a vintage typewriter.  The gentleman bought it for his wife’s birthday.  Very cool.

Back on June 12, I wrote a blog stating I hit my 100+ sale, in 11 months of having my shop open.  Now just over 6 weeks later I am just under 160 sales.  Yep, I have sold over 50 items in just over 6 weeks.  It has been busy. I didn’t even take the time to acknowledge that I had my shop open for one year early this month.

I sold this Coca Cola crate yesterday that I haven’t shown you.  I loved this crate since it actually had the city I was born in listed on the side.  It is still so vibrant red.  I am sure the gentleman that bought it will love it.

Recently sold this Polaroid camera as well on Etsy.  Can’t remember if I show it to you or not.  The Polaroid that I did show,you did sell on Ebay to a gentleman in Russia.  However, I have not heard from him.  He has not paid, and it has been a week.  So it looks like that one will have to be relisted.  Again another reason I do not like selling on Ebay.

I have recently listed to amazing Stetson.  It is in terrific shape and comes with its original box.  Some man is going to look dapper in it.

I found this folding stadium chair last week at the garage sale I mentioned I just stopped at.  It cleaned up well.  My son’s swim team colors are red, so I was tempted to keep this one, but I already have chairs.

This funky 70s condiment bowl set was just too cute to pass up.

Finally, I got this awesome popcorn popper listed.  I won this at auction early this summer, but I had a hard time finding a box.  One of the hardest things about selling online is trying to find and have available different sizes and shapes of boxes.  If you noticed, the things I find to resell vary from really tiny to heavy. The typewriter is 25 pounds to ship.  Or weird shape like this popper.  But I found a box so I recently got this guy listed.  I think it would make an amazing decor piece.

So you can see I have been really busy with my Shop.  It will slow down next week.  I homeschool my boys and next Monday we start school.  I have a 11th and 8th grader, so it will be an interesting year.

Oh, I won’t be stopping my searching for treasures or listing them; I just know I can’t keep up the pace I was doing these last 6 weeks.  Goes to show hard work does pay off.

Do you find you have up and down times in your business?

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