Recent Vintage Finds

In between everything else in life, I have stopped at a garage sale here or there and hit a couple of auctions.  I haven’t shown any items lately.  So here are a few fun finds.

The snail above just is adorable.  I normally do not go for wood objects, but he is so cute.  However, I am trying to decide if I should paint him white.

Love chip and dip bowls from the 1960s.  However I haven’t found out who the maker is of this one.  No mark and can’t find it anywhere, so it will remain a mystery.

Ok who doesn’t like turquoise right now.  This old blow dryer that stands was interesting.  Couldn’t resist the color.

I love stove parts of any sort.  Takes me back to my Dad burning our garbage on the farm in an old farm in the garage.

Finally found a hand drill.  I am thinking I might have to sell this one.  I think I want even an older one to use as a handle on a box.

Had to rescue these fixtures.  The knobs have porcelain, so it feels wrong to through them out.  Probably will sell them.

Got these for almost nothing at an auction.  Haven’t gone through them yet, but saw a really cool pattern for a wedding dress, probably of the 1960s.

Finally another trunk.  I can’t seem to resist old suitcases and trunks.  This one is a little beat up but love the blue color.

So what have you found lately?

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12 thoughts on “Recent Vintage Finds

  1. I just found one of those chip and dips but the top bowl was missing, I discovered that Pyrex bowls fit the bracket though a 444 on the bottom and 401 on the top, I love this bracket!!!!

  2. I am in Oregon and selling my mom’s house….She has one of the dip and chip bowls as shown above…I have contacted a couple of estate sale people, but they say they aren’t interested in doing an estate sale. Any thoughts. I just don’t have time to get rid of everything.

    • If they estate sales people aren’t willing to take it, that means there just isn’t enough there for them to make money. Your easiest way to sell most of this stuff is to have your own sale. Advertise it as an estate sale with name your own price. Don’t price anything and post “make an offer”. You may not get the top value but you will get it sold and make money with the least amount of work. Good luck. Sorry about the loss of your mom.

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