Vintage Hat Gold Mine

Last Saturday my Mom and I drove an hour to an auction sale that advertised vintage hats.  Since I had someone to go with me, we headed out the door wondering if we would find two hats or more.  We were not disappointed.  The woman had died at 92 years of age, and she had over 50 hats. I was lucky to win seventeen hats.

The 4 hats above were my favorite and I paid the most for them.  Love the hat pin in the black hat.

I fell for the red hat.  Look at its pin.

These white hats are in such excellent condition I wonder if they were ever worn.

And look at these blue hats.  They are simply fabulous.

I also won this lot of seven hats.  Look at the variety.  Even an army hat in there.

If you follow me, you know I enjoy going to auctions here in North Dakota.  Part of the fun is going to see if what is advertised is as good as it says.  This one definitely was worth the trip. Mom and I spent about 6 hours at that auction and had a blast.  Thanks, Mom, for going with me and then helping me organize my wins.

Do you buy vintage hats?  Any favorites above?

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13 thoughts on “Vintage Hat Gold Mine

    • I am not sure I would call it collecting; I completely enjoy them for a while and then usually sell them. I love to think of the stories the hats could tell.

      • I have the same attitude–slash, hattitude! This is a great lot of hats; I especially love the black pillbox with the long hatpin (top left). You are lucky to have good auctions nearby!

      • The “hatititude” gets in your blood. 🙂 I checked out your shop on Etsy, adorable hats. I had to favorite your store. So if you do not have good auctions, where do you find your hats?

  1. I’m always traveling for hats… I have constant alerts for the closest estate sales, and oh do I love the rare sale in Manhattan! Otherwise, I am just traveling, and manage to stumble into hats : )

    ps. I was also just in Yellowstone! Fantastic trip, but we only saw Old Faithful from the road when we were driving toward it (mostly obscured by trees), and didn’t stick around to see it in its active state, up close!

    • Very fun to travel and look for hats. Would love to go to a sale in Manhattan. Hope you enjoyed what you saw of the Yellowston National park. We thought it was a beautiful site.

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