Estate Sale Finds – Part 1

Around here we don’t have many estate sales.  Usually if someone has a lot of valuable items, they do an estate auction.  However, Saturday there was one advertised that sounded great. Surprisingly it was this weekend, usually on Labor Day there are very few sales. My Mom came for a couple of days to continue to help with getting ready for my garage sale.  Did I tell you I am doing one?  Yep, I might be crazy but I am having a huge Vintage and Funky Junk sale on Sept 14 and 15.  But back to my estate sale experience and finds.

My Mom and I had a couple of errands that didn’t take us too long so we decided to drive by early.  It was 20 minutes before it was supposed to open, and there was a line.  What, I do not like lines, and I do not stand in any that I don’t have to.  I was going to go home, but Mom suggested we wait.  Boy am I glad we did.  We waited in the car ’till a few minutes before and then gathered with the crowd.  It was well-organized.  I am so glad my Mom was with because after I had a few items she sat with my items while I kept gathering more.

This was my absolutely favorite find, the little metal and vinyl, red chair.  It was one of the first things I saw and picked up.  Not sure if it was a doll chair or what it was used for but the size is just adorable.  People kept wanting to take it from my Mom while she waited for me, so I must not be alone.

A set of seven Days of the Week dish towels with a black working woman embroidered on them.

A stunning brooch.  I used to collect and wear old pins when I wore suits. That was back when I worked as a professional.

I just fell for this picnic basket. It was another item that people wanted from my Mom as well.  I love the lid that flips to the side.

The gentleman must have enjoyed his drink.  Check out this hidden bourbon and scotch set.

Or this traveling liquor case that even has a key for it.

Finally my second favorite pick is this trash can.  Not sure why I like a trash can…I think it is the red and white color. Can’t be the tomato since I am surrounded by tomatoes right now.  I just was tickled with this find.

There was more, so I will do another post later this week with my other picks.

Did you find anything great this weekend?

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