Estate Sale Finds – Part 2

Here are some more items I found last weekend with my Mom at the Estate Sale.  These director chairs are awesome.  They are very sturdy.  The canvas is faded, but I sort of like them that way.  However, I can buy new backings and seats if I need to.

Look at these His and Hers embroidered pillowcases.  They probably were a wedding gift back in the 1950s or 60s.  Still in their original packaging.

These Fire King game bird mugs aren’t all unique, but they were worth buying.

I found a box of leather gloves.  The best part is that I doubt any of them were ever worn.  Some have tags still on them.  I think that someone must have been giving her a pair every year for Christmas thinking she had worn the last pair out. Ha.

These Sheffield England Stainless steak knives have Bakelite handles.  Love that.

These hats aren’t the top of the line, but they are good hats that were in with the costumes pile.  You never know what you are going to find if you look.

I know since it is still wrapped up, you can’t see the design of this chenille blanket, but it is beautiful.  It is probably a king since it easily fits my queen bed with plenty of room.  I grew up with chenille blankets on our beds so I am pretty sure I will be keeping this one.

I have never smoked.  Actually smoke bothers my allergies, but I saw these handled ashtrays sitting there, and I just had to get them.  I love that they have sand or small pebbles in the cloth.  The gentleman must have given up smoking many years ago, because surprisingly they do not smell at all.  My nose is extremely sensitive to smoke, so that surprised me.  But they just are a great piece from a time when most people did smoke.

As you can see, I found some great pieces.  This weekend is our cities annual rummage sale weekend.  I think there are almost 300 advertised for tomorrow alone.  You bet I will be hitting a few.  Wish me luck.

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