This Weekend’s Finds

This weekend was our city’s annual garage sale weekend.  Thought I would show you a few of my finds.  I am having my Funky Junk and Vintage Sale this coming weekend, so all of these will be for sale then.  If you are local check out my ad.

The first sale I went to had these Western Electric Spools.  I think they would be fun to use to create an outdoor side table for a patio.

I love wire baskets, so I snatched this one up as soon as I saw it.  I am having a hard time selling it, but I have plenty wire baskets that I use.  This one can go to a new wire basket lover.

Love this 1950s or 60s vinyl covered toy box.  It is plywood inside.  The lady said it was her kids’, but I really do not think it was used.  I think it would be lovely to store blankets in.

I love this groovy flower glass bowl.  The lady thought it was from the 1960s, but it just speaks 70s to me.  I can’t seem to find out the maker, so it will be available.

This Coors box is actually a cooler.  There is styrofoam on the inside.  It is missing the top pieces, but I think someone can upcycle it to make it into a fun Coors storage box in a game room or bar area in their basement.

I love old galvanized wash tubs.  I do not think this one is too old, but it will make a great planter.

These wood stirrups are so cool.  I did a search on Pinterest and found this…


I really hope whoever buys these stirrups will do something like that.  Again tempting to keep them.

Look at this adorable child’s ironing board and iron.  Since I don’t iron, I think it is an adorable decoration piece.

This post is getting long, so the last one is an old wood high chair.  I would love to see it painted up and used as a doll piece or the legs cut off and used as a shelf on the wall.

Even though I have a ton of other items that can be used as is, I hope that I draw a lot of upcyclers to my sale.  I think everyone will find something.  If you are local, I hope to see you this coming weekend.

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