The Rush of Remembering

Above are some of my tables and none of my large items for my Funky Junk and Vintage Sale I had this past weekend.  I had a lot of items and many were sold.  It was a success.

There was an article in The Bismarck Tribune on Sunday by The Associated Press’s  Melissa Rayworth, “Why one person’s junk is another person’s TV,” about the new TV shows about thrifting, auctions, pawning.  There was a subheading, “The Rush of Remembering”.  When I read those words, I squealed, “That is it, that is why I, and others, love vintage junk.” When you see an item from your childhood, memories coming rushing back, sometimes so vividly you are almost transported back in time.

(On a side note, I just finished reading James Dashner’s kids’ book, The Infinity Ring: A Mutiny in Time, about traveling back into the past.  A time travel ring has been invented.  We don’t need a machine. We have time travel, it is called, Memory.)

I have to say there were many people who came to my sale that would pick up an item and say, “I remember this…” or “I remember when my Mom or Grandma would use this.”  I love hearing those stories.  It makes me happy that others are remembering something good from the past.  I saw several smiles on faces as they thought of days gone by.

So yes, even if I hadn’t sold any thing at my sale, and I did sell a ton of stuff, I would have considered it a success.  There was plenty of The Rush of Remembering going on in my garage.

Why do you think people love “junk”?

6 thoughts on “The Rush of Remembering

  1. That hits the nail on the head exactly….I can’t help but smile seeing things that I have touched in a previous time frame..its the remembering that gives the pleasure. Memories are the threads that keep us connected.
    Thank you for posting
    Aleza AKA Atomic Moxie

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