Recent Finds Find New Homes – Part 1

I thought I would show you some of my recent finds from the past month that left my home during my Funky Junk Vintage sale this past weekend.

Love this Mod Bowl.  The Mod style is definitely “in”.  Much of it I like, some I don’t.  This bowl, I almost kept for myself, but thought I would put it out.  I didn’t think the Mod style was “in” in North Dakota, but it must be since someone snatched it up.

Using aluminum in cooking is getting a bad wrap lately, but an old aluminum bread pan has so many possibilities.

One with handles has even more possibilities.

This iridescent bowl that looks like a shell was gorgeous. Another piece I almost kept.  Wishing I would have now.

Chalkware pieces.  Glad they went to a new home.

Love any type of boxes. Cheese boxes usually have great fonts.  These boxes have so many organizational uses.  This one disappeared quickly.

I like this Satellite II camera’s look. Boxy and simple.  Think it will be a great display piece, but I believe it worked too.

These pipes were fun.  Kind of professor looking.

Finally this Vulcan wire display rack. I really liked this item and was thrilled to find it for $4.  I didn’t have a space for it, but thought I could find a use for it.  So I priced it a little higher than I normally would in hopes it would stay with me. It was meant for someone else.  I am sure it found a great home.

Do you ever find things that you want, but don’t have room for?  Do you sell them or pile them in your garage?

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6 thoughts on “Recent Finds Find New Homes – Part 1

  1. I love to buy things! I buy things I like and then sell them in my etsy shop. In between the buying and the selling, they live on my shelves. I assume that my customer is me- the people who dig what I dig buy what I have. I have two things that I regret selling – one was a very strange bank of a post office box and a face with a giant mustache. But knowing that I would have liked to keep those items gives me something to look for when I go garage saleing and thrifting! I bet you’ll find something even better than that dish!

    • Thanks Heather, Do you have photos of those items. The Post Office Box sounds really fun. You are right, it does give me a chance to look for something similar. The fun part of shopping is you never know what you are going to find.

  2. I have what you call the mod bowl…it goes in the freezer, then when you make your salads for a picnic, you put your pasta mix in it…it stays good and cold for your dinner….or a church dinner…very handy …..yours looks exactly like mine…

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