Recent Finds Find New Homes – Part 2

Here are a few other items that left my home in my Vintage Funky Junk sale this past weekend.

I think the Chinese Checkers board will make a fantastic wall hanging for someone.

These were older Dominoes.  I do not know if they were going to use them as a game or use them as crafts. Either way these were fun dominoes.

This was a cute vintage planter that someone snatched up.

I sold these two fire king mugs.  I purchased two pheasant mugs with them, but my husband kept those.  He loves pheasants and pheasant hunting.

The crazy daisy pattern of Pyrex was popular at one time.  I had this butter dish that didn’t go with anything, so it went to a new home.

I had intended on redoing this stool, it was not happening, so I sold it.  Wish I could see what she does with it.

Men’s hats also disappeared.

And old tools like this hand drill disappeared as well.

It really was fun to sell some things quickly and make more room. I am organizing what I have left, so I can get it listed and sold easier.

As I look through this post and the last one on the items sold, I realize I really do have eclectic taste in my funky junk and vintage items.  At least I never get bored.

Do you focus on buying a few things or do collect a little of everything?

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