Maplelag Weekend Recap

It was a beautiful weekend in Callaway, Minnesota at Maplelag for our scrapping weekend this past weekend.  Look at the view of the lake when the sun was rising.  It was breath-taking.  My sisters, niece and I took a few walks.

Most of the trees were yellow along the paths.  Many leaves had fallen, but it was still gorgeous. We came across a snake.

Ok, it was just a garter snake, but it still was a snake.

We even went walking at dusk into dark.

But never fear, I had my stick to protect us from bears.

But just in case you think we just took in the beautiful weather and scenery, here we are at our scrapping tables.  We actually all got a lot done over the 3.5 days.  I finished 22 scrapbook pages and one mini book, got caught up on Project Life, and made 27 cards. Definitely productive.

The four of us had plenty of laughs. My sister, Sue, had a birthday in September, so I brought her Mrs. Beasley, a doll she had when she was little.  Mrs. Beasley scrapped with us.

Help, where are you? I have to go to the bathroom.

She let us know when we ignored her.

This was our third year that the three sisters have gone on this retreat.  Here we are in 2009, our first year.

Here we are in 2010.

We didn’t go in 2011 because my niece got married that weekend We got dressed up instead.

And this year, 2012. Starting this yearly scrapping retreat with my sisters, and now my niece, is a wonderful thing that I look forward to every year.  I have two wonderful sisters, and a fantastic niece.  My other niece hopes to join us next year.  Looking forward to it already.

Do you do any retreats with family to just get away?

5 thoughts on “Maplelag Weekend Recap

  1. You said it well! We had a great time together, enjoyed the beauty, many laughs and even accomplished our hobby goals. Mrs. Beasley did attribute to a few more belly laughs and conversation from others who recalled her days. Til next year…….excited already 🙂 Lynette

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