Junkin’ Finds – Oct 5

In my last post about Maplelag, I told you I purchased Mrs. Beasley for my sister.  I bought her recently at an auction sale for $1.  Yep, that was it.  She is in great shape, but she does not talk.  I also got those Coca Cola crates that she is sitting on.

I love Bugs Bunny.  I watched that cartoon every Saturday morning.  Loved these vintage plastic mugs.

I also loved watching Peanuts and Snoopy when I was little.  I thought this large glass would be great to fill with candies or wildflowers to give to a hostess. I did decide to put it on Etsy.

I fell for this 1970s purse.  I love the shape.

Love these silver canisters with the atomic words.  In great shape.

This platter is beautiful.  I could not get a good shot, but it shines.

I really liked this vase, or what I thought was a vase.  I knew it was a Frankoma, but didn’t realize it was supposed to have a stopper in it.  It really is a decanter.  I think I will use it for a vase this fall.

I do not drink coffee.  This pot was filthy, but I think it will look great above my kitchen counters for a display this fall.

.Christmas is coming in just over two months.  This Good Shepard wall hanging is beautiful.  It looks like a light is shining on it.

Finally this pink West Bend Cake Saver.  Love the pink aluminum.  Very 50s.

Have you found any great treasures?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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