Celebrate With Me – I Hit 200 Sales

I just had to share the news….my Etsy Shop, It’s Still Life, hit 200 sales.  My goal with my shop was to hit 100 sales in one year.  I opened my shop on July 12, 2011.  I hit my 100th sale in early June this year.  I was thrilled.  Success and hard work set me up for more success.  I really worked hard to get more items in my shop over the summer.  I am now over 120 items listed.

This week I had my 200th sale.  Yep.  It took 11 months to get 100 sales.  Now it took 4 months to get another 100 sales.

So if you are thinking of opening an Etsy Shop, I strongly encourage you to do that.  It isn’t as hard as it looks.  Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot of work and time, but it isn’t hard.  Etsy is responsive. When I have had questions, I have had quick, good responses from them.  Customers have been awesome.

At first I was thrilled when I had one sale a week.  Now I am averaging 5-6 sales a week.  It has been a great ride.  Now I need to think about what my goals are for the next 8 months of my second year of sales.

Thank you for reading my blog, the encouragement I have received, and the pat on the backs through comments and emails.  You make this journey, even my life, a whole lot of fun.

4 thoughts on “Celebrate With Me – I Hit 200 Sales

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