Recent Scrapbook Layouts

Here are a few of the layouts I completed at Maplelag.

When I saw this photo of Big M. I knew I had to do a layout to feature it.  So I just wrote about this man the first things that came to my mind.  I really like how it turned out.

I love to mix my layouts up with current photos as well as older ones.  These photos were from 2003.  We took our boys to two different live shows. The photos weren’t great, so I kept putting it off.  However, this time I decided to just scrap them, because I wanted to record that we did take the boys to shows they really enjoyed…Dragon Tales and Bob the Builder.  I didn’t want to do separate layouts, so I put them on one page in a messy style.  Not my favorite layout ever, but I love that I have finally captured these memories.

My favorite movie of all times is the 1988 movie, Beaches.  There is a part where one of the characters notices that her hands and her daughters are similar.  She digs through photos to find ones of her Mother’s hands.  I have noticed that my hands are looking more like what I remember my Mom’s looked like at my age, so I did a quick 8 x 8 layout to capture those thoughts.

There is a trend of 6×6 paper pages in the scrapping industry. I like the paper because the scale is smaller than 12×12 paper.  There where two photos I took this year that I wanted to capture the memory.  I did not want to do a large layout for these photos, so I did small layouts.  The first one is a view I see every morning when Z is working on his school work.  He is a junior this year, so we only have 1 3/4 years left to do this.  Wanted to freeze this memory.  The other layout is of JV with his hair long.  For years we always buzz cut it, but now it is long enough to stick up.  I love doing quick and easy, yet cute layouts to capture a memory.

Finally my favorite layout I did was this Mr. Spider layout.  I was able capture some photos of our garden spider spinning a web around a grasshopper.  I used some fun paper from Creative Memories called Enchanted and the rustic fence border punch from their new border system.

I am looking forward to another weekend retreat that my sister and I are going on next weekend.  I have more I want to scrap. I can’t seem to find time to scrap unless I go on a retreat.  How do you find time for your hobbies?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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