Vintage Finds

This is one of my favorite finds lately.  I won this wood, chippy red, rocking chair at an auction sale this past Sunday.  It was being sold with several dolls and stuffed animals, so it was mostly hidden from other bidders.  The dolls and stuffed animals have been donated to my favorite thrift store, and the red rocking chair for a toddler or a doll is already listed in my shop.

I love the patina of this old bread warmer that was placed on top of a wood burning stove.  I think it would make a lovely piece of home decor.

Mod items are hot right now.  Love the look of this stainless steel appetizer tray with the wood handle.  Perfect for holiday entertaining.

I wish I had found two of these amber candlesticks.  It is so pretty in sparkling light.  Beautiful fall decor that I can enjoy until someone else buys it.

My eyes seem to go to amber items lately.  This old 1950s lighter with ashtray was stunning.  I listed it recently, and it sold about two days later.

Finally this wood cowboy hat.  I typically stick to women’s vintage hats or hats.  I have even purchased a couple of Stetson cowboy hats, but the price was so good on this lovely wool hat, I snatched it up.  It is a hat made from Golden Gate Hats Co, in Los Angeles.

I am continuing to work on organizing my items to use, to redo and to sell.  It is a constant battle.  Any tips?

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