Bob Hope

At the most recent auction sale I attended, no one wanted to bid on this 17″ statue from Esco Products in 1979.  At first I thought it was Richard Nixon from my far away view.  Then I heard them say, “Bob Hope Statue” so I decided to bid.  I won.

Do you remember the Bob Hope specials that were held every year on TV?  I remember them mostly around Christmas time when he would visit the troops in a far away place.  I loved the comedy of the live shows.  I enjoyed the singing and the dancing, too.  I also remember sitting on my Dad’s lap while watching.  Maybe that is why I have such fond memories of those shows.

I decided to put him up for auction on Ebay instead of listing him in my Etsy shop.  He already has a bid, so he will be leaving here this weekend.  However, the fun of the memories rushing back…priceless.

Edited Oct 27:  Mr. Hope sold for $63.  For some reason I couldn’t get my link to work.

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