Thrifty Finds – Nov 5

I was able to attend an estate auction sale in Dickinson this weekend with my Mom.  I always enjoy the auctions more when my Mom is with me.  However, I haven’t had any time to take photos or clean anything up, so here are a few items I have found recently.

I found these like-new game bird glasses by Galaxy.  Since Big M is a sportsman, items like these always catch my eye.  They are beautiful.  I doubt they were every used for barware, much less display.

Christmas is coming.  Do you drink egg nog during the holiday season?  I really enjoy me a cup of nog.  If not, how about….

Tom and Jerry’s?  I will have a glass on New Year’s Eve when we go to our New Year’s Dinner and Dance.  We missed it last year because of the flu bug.  We better make it this year.

Since I am talking about alcoholic drinks, I might as well show you these drink mix glasses that were in an auction box.  They are tall tumblers with how to mix a drink like a whiskey sour, daiquiri, or gibson.  Thought they were fun.

Or this Coors glass in a box.  I never quite know what to do with these odd glasses.  Seems like someone might want them.  Usually they just get put in a box for me to deal with later.

Someone how this post became all glassware, but I wanted to show you this brown suitcase.  I love the double handles.  Not sure why there are double handles on it?  Any one know the reason.  They have a “Patent Pending, Chesney, England” on the locks.  Other than that I do not know anything else about it.  Just thought it was different and would look great in a display of suitcases.

Any good finds lately?

8 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds – Nov 5

    • That sounds like fun. There will be a party at my house on Sat. Unfortunately you will miss it and if the weather is as bad as predicted, everyone might miss it. :O

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