I Hate Wind

Source:  arthurscliparto.org

Source: arthursclipart.org

Have I ever told you how much I hate wind?  Something about the roar and non-constant sound that drives me crazy. There is a reason I hate wind…when I was about 8 years old a tornado hit our farm, not one but three times.

It was August in mid 1970s, and it was harvest time.  My Dad would bring a truck load full of grain to the farm for Mom and us, girls, to unload. My brother was two year’s old then.  It was evening after milking cows. For some reason my Dad stayed to help us unload the oats.  It was bright and sunny outside.  Then our dog started acting strange.  He wouldn’t get out from under our legs.  Then the clouds in the southeast sky darkened quickly.  Just as we begin heading up the hill to go eat supper, it hit.  We ran to the house and into our basement where we could get to our root cellar.  I grew up in a house that was built in the early 1910s, so yes, it had a cellar.

I have never been so scared in my life. It just roared.  When it quieted down my Dad went upstairs to look.  He came flying back down the stairs. The tornado had “turned” around was coming back toward our house.  The only time I remember seeing my Dad scared was then.  Is it any wonder I hate wind?  The tornado came through, turned around and came back a third time.  Yes, that is a strange occurrence, but it really did come through 3 times.

When it was over, our house was standing, however we had trees down, branches all over. Stacks of hay were ruined, fences and corrals were down, and the cows were out.  Not far from our house was the roof of a shed down the hill.  Fortunately two trees caught it for, it was heading right for our house.  We were very lucky to have only the damage that we did.  I also remember afterwards.  The four of us kids stayed in the house while Mom and Dad went to find our cows.  It rained and grew dark.  I still remember the fear of wondering where they were and was wind coming again.

So tonight at 3:00 a.m. the wind hit.  Gusting easily in the 40+ mph range, it woke me.  I tried going back to sleep, but it was coming at us from the side our house where my bedroom is.  The howl was too much, I had to get up. I knew I wasn’t going back to sleep.  I was going to read my book.  I am reading, The Hobbit, but I decided to write my memories of that tornado instead. I feel better now. It’s 4:30 a.m.  The wind has quieted to gusting in the 30s, but I am still wondering why do I live in North Dakota?

Oh yeah, my family, the wonderful down to earth and friendly people, the good life.

Does wind bother you?

4 thoughts on “I Hate Wind

  1. That’s an amazing childhood story! I used to be scared of the way the wind sounded as a young child, but not anymore. Even after experiencing some mild Florida Hurricanes. But the fear of the wind brings me back to a nostalgic place where I turned to parents for comfort from fear and a little homemade treat was all it took the get me back to normal. Ah, memories…

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