December Daily Journaling

Source: Write Click Scrapbook - Amy Sorenson

I know it is already December 5th, but I am curious, do you do a special scrapbook project for December?

Every year, Ali Edwards does a December Daily album. It looks like a wonderful idea, and I am sure I would love it in the future, but I have never tried it.  Just don’t think I could keep up during this busy time of year.

However, how about a Christmas Book of December Days by Amy Sorenson.    She wrote about it on Write Click Scrapbook.  It is very similar to a 5 Year Journal concept.  One that I wrote about at the beginning of the year about my Journal. I have not done well with it at all this year.  Once an a while I write in it, but I don’t do it often.  I do love then I do find previous year entries. The beauty of this book is that I can keep adding to it every year whenever I do.  My philosophy is…it is better than nothing. Each time I write, it is one more memory captured.

The 5 year journal concept for Christmas sounds more doable.  What do you think?  Do you journal about your advent and Christmas?  Or are you barely surviving the season?

5 thoughts on “December Daily Journaling

  1. That looks like a wonderful idea!!! Sometimes, when you think of journaling daily, you feel you need to capture every single thing of that day… but I love how it really only has to be a few words or memories of that day. I wonder if I could keep up for a whole month doing that? Might have to try to find one, sometime.

      • But I will be too late this month… I want a cute one like the one you have pictured!! I have to make one or find one, but the time I do, it will be too far into the month. Haha, of course I am picky like that 🙂

      • Exactly, what I was thinking! Things to do list, and book to find so I can create it. And soon I will have a hobby room hopefully so I can tinker whenever I want!!! 🙂

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