Thrifty Finds – Dec 19

Brown Hardshell Suitcase a

I haven’t had a thrift find report lately.  I have been hunting for items in my garage and storage area to list to my Etsy Shop.  I continue to enjoy finding suitcases. The one listed above sold in just a few days.

Janet Lennon Dolls a

I found this Janet Lennon Stand Up Paper Doll set in the bottom of a box.

Janet Lennon Dolls d

Look how adorable the clothes are.  It brought back memories of the Lawrence Welk Show.  My parents used to watch it on Saturday evenings after they finished milking cows and they were getting ready to go out on a night on the town.  I loved watching Mom dress and my Dad shave with his Old Spice aftershave.

Mod Ice Bucket a

This mod ice bucket has a wonderful design.

Michelob Pitcher a

Superbowl Sunday will be coming up so the Michelob Pitcher might be a great thing to serve the beer in.

Pyrex Casserole Cradle a

Of course I found some Pryex.  This Bluebird Promotional Pyrex Casserole with cradle is so pretty.

Pyrex Turquoise Casserole a

Or this primary Blue Pyrex Casserole is just gorgeous.

Glass Cake Pedestal a

Or this stunning cake or cupcake glass pedestal plate

And I started with a suitcase, so I had to finish with a typewriter; one of a few others items I just can’t resist buying.

Royal Electric Typewriter c

Normally I go for manual typewriters, but this one is a Royal 1970s electric typewriter that still works.  I just know there are people out there that want to have an electric typewriter.  Just couldn’t let it go in the trash.

So there you go, many of my thifty finds that I am digging out of my own stash. I bought these items this summer, but never had time to do anything with.  There are a few inches of snow on the ground, so there are no garage sales or auction sales.  But that is ok, I get just as excited to find a treasure that I had forgotten as when I first found it.

Do you forget you have some of your thrifty finds?



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