2012 Goals in Review


The year flew by.  I realize I wasn’t very good about keeping you up-to-date on how I was doing on my goals.  I thought I would give an update on this last day of twenty twelve.  Goals in Black, review is in parenthesis.


  1. Get to 100 items listed in my Etsy Shop by January 31 and keep over 100 items for the entire year.  (Finally listed over 100 in June and kept it there the remainder of the year.  Ended with just under 120 items active.)
  2. Keep my storage area organized and my inventory spreadsheet up to date. (Done)
  3. Ship all purchased items within two business days. Write a short personal note to every customer. (Shipped everything same or next day with exception of one week in August while on vacation.)
  4. Stop at least one thrift store, garage sale or auction sale every week. (Shopped more in the summer, very little the last 3 months of the year.)
  5. Upcycle or paint at least two items every month from April through September. (Only did 4 items total.)


  1. Write a blog post 4-5 days a week. (Wrote 184 blog posts for an average of 3.5 per week.)
  2. Update my blog design by mid year. (Did not do.)
  3. Meet new blog friends; develop a support group of blog friends that enjoy junk, vintage items and upcycling. (Did not do.)


  1. Work through Twelve each month.  I do not expect to keep up and do everything that Ms. Julian has us do, but I do want to go through each lesson and create a minimum of two pages a month. (Did great the first 4 months, but then May arrived, and I really didn’t do much.  Followed boards and listened to videos.)
  2. Print photos out at least every quarter. (Did not do.)
  3. Use my SMASH book as a place for 2012 bits and pieces.  Complete at least 2 page spread a month.  (Did through April, then stopped in May.)
  4. Do at least two mini albums.  One of which is a December Traditions album. (Did one mini album.)


  1. Take at least a few still life photos every month. (Did.)
  2. Post at least two times during the month a Sunday Still Life Photo. (Did.)


  1. Read 7 books a month or a minimum of 80 in 2012.  I did this in 2011 and want to do it again. That includes those I read aloud to my kids. (Read 69 books, so came up short, but feel great about those 69 books.)
  2. Continue to keep track of books read on Goodreads. (Did.)


  1. Restart my 5 year journal and write in it daily.  (Did not do.)


  1. Walk 10,000 steps at least 6 days a week.  (Did through Oct when I started the Ideal Protein Diet.)
  2. Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day. (Did most of the ti.me, now I am up to 8 glasses a day.)
  3. Keep up with Move More, Eat Less. (This was hit and miss, but I am 10 pounds down.)
  4. Try 1 new healthy recipe a month. (Did not do.)


As I look at my review I am pleased.  I could have done much better in some areas, but did great in other areas.  I am glad I wrote these goals and will write new ones for 2013.

Are your writing any resolutions or goals for 2013?

2 thoughts on “2012 Goals in Review

  1. I love how you give yourself credit for the things you accomplished! You do great work and have appreciated the chance to connect with you on Etsy and WordPress. I’m working on balance in the year ahead, but am inspired by your post to write out some measurable objectives to reflect on at the end of this year. Take care and wish you the best ahead!

    • Thanks Rachel, I believe I need to be honest with myself as to what I did and what I didn’t do. Helps me figure out what to focus on this year. I am looking forward to following your progress on your blog this year.

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