Mommy Claws and Sadness

Today one of my sons had a huge disappointment happen to him.  It wasn’t anything like life or death, but it was very important to him.  He was so sad.  As I sat there listening to him; my first instinct was to bring out my Mommy Claws.  No one ever should make my son feel bad or lose his confidence.  But that isn’t the way to handle a disappointment. I tried to just listen, and my heart broke for him. I felt so helpless. I wanted to cry.  As I Mom I never want any sadness, disappointment, bad thing happen to my kids.  I want to protect them. I just want joy, success, happiness.  But I know that isn’t real life.  The not so good things do build character.  We learn perseverance, compassion, persistence when we have a disappointment.  We learn we are not in control and must rely on God.

We all have had things happen to us where our worlds felt like they were going to end.  Time healed the wound, but the scar gave us a new perspective.  I know I can’t keep my kids from every experiencing bad as they grow into fine young men, but I sure want to.

I know he will survive, and even hopefully thrive, after this disappointment.  I know that God works good through all things.  I don’t know the reason or what good will come of this.  I just know I love that little boy on the threshold of becoming a man.  I am here to support him and guide him.  I am so proud of him.  He is actually handling this so much better than I expected.

So he will survive, but excuse me while I go drown my sadness in a huge bowl of ice cream.

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