It’s Been A Rough Few Days


It really has been a rough few days.  My youngest, JV, started feeling sick on Saturday.  Unfortunately Big M and I were 3 hours away at our oldest’s swim meet. (The team won and they are now 7-0.) JV was staying with friends.  In the end he went home to take medicine and sleep.  I enjoyed the swim meet as best I could, but I hated being that far away when my “baby” was sick.  We didn’t get home till 10 that evening, and it was obvious JV was not well.  Sunday was much worse; we could not break his fever.  He barely moved.  Monday not much better.  I figured it was the influenza because it is everywhere.  It has hit hard in North Dakota this year, but what could we do but use the vast arrays for medicines to keep him comfortable. Finally took him to the doctor on Tuesday.  He seemed a little better, but he complained his ear hurt.  The bad news was it was influenza.  The good news was he was on the downhill side, and he did not have strep or an ear infection.

Unfortunately my oldest woke up that morning sick.  So when I mentioned that to the doctor they said to bring him in to test for influenza.  If you get it within the first 24-48 hours they can give Tamiflu to help.  So back to the doctor we went.  He was tested and does not have influenza, just some other virus. The weird part is he went through most of the symptoms so quickly.  The stomach ache, the body aches, head ache, all came and went yesterday. Today he isn’t 100% but he is definitely better.  He went to swim practice this morning, but is sleeping the morning away before he has to go to class at the high school.  I think he is so healthy and taking some great vitamins and nutrients, he was able to fend it off quickly.

So my counter has been filled with medicines.  Unfortunately neither of the boys can swallow pills, so it has to be liquid.  Me?  I am feeling extremely tired.  Fighting something, but is that is life in the winter in North Dakota?  Next week has to be better. When I get a chance I will blog about a new store in Fargo that I was able to stop at.

Hope you and your family are staying healthy.

3 thoughts on “It’s Been A Rough Few Days

  1. So sorry your family has been hit with the flu. It’s rampant here in Indiana, too. So far I’ve been lucky, but I’m pretty much living in a paranoid bubble, spraying Lysol and Purell-ing my hands constantly. Take care!

  2. Darn sicknesses…. they are everywhere at work here too! Just can’t avoid it sometimes I guess. Still crossing my fingers, the flu shot will fend it off for me! (although I know it doesn’t have to work for some people, nor do I enjoy getting it 😦 Time will only tell.

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