Featuring – Eco Chic Boutique


I mentioned in a previous post that I was able to stop at a new store this past weekend when I was in Fargo, ND for my son’s swim meet.  It is called Eco Chic, a Green Boutique.  It is one, awesome place.  I met the owner, Maria, while there.  She was an amazing lady…very friendly and passionate about what she does.  If you read her About page you will get an idea of what she is like.

Eco Chic started out as a green company, especially for baby and Mother.  In North Dakota those types of products can be hard to find except on the internet.  She expanded her lines, and then added repurposed, painted furniture.  That is how I heard about the store.  They carry Annie Sloan paint.  As far as I know there is no other place in North Dakota where it can be purchased. I have been wanting to try that paint.  We left a little early, just so I could shop at Eco Chic.  I was not disappointed.  The store has a hip, clean feel.  It is bright, colorful and friendly.    I spent some time talking with Maria who showed me the Annie Sloan paint.

Eco Chic

Yes, I bought two, smaller size paints, Louis Blue and Old White, along with the Clear Soft Wax.  I can’t wait to try it. Unfortunately I don’t have a great place to paint in the winter time, so it might have to wait a while.  However, I will try it before I go back to Fargo, and I am sure that Eco Chic will be on my “places to stop” when I go there.

So if you are in Fargo, make sure you check it out.  There really is something for everyone, even your pets.

Just a side note.  I ended up getting the virus my oldest had, not the influenza.  I was so sick all day yesterday.  Today I am much better, just not a lot of energy.  My oldest still isn’t back to his normal self, and it has been 5 days.  All I know is that next week just has to be better. Stay well.

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