Painted and Refurbished Furniture Pricing

Source:  The Magic Brush Inc.

Source: The Magic Brush Inc.

My love of spray painting and refurbishing lead me to my love for vintage pieces. Unfortunately I do not paint items as much as I would like, but when I do I always struggle with pricing the piece if I plan to sell it. I try to keep my prices reasonable but the time it takes to find, clean, fix and paint the item can add up. Another thing most people don’t realize is the time it takes to keep up on the latest trends of paint color and painting techniques. Most people who repaint furniture and sell it for a living spend time researching, learning and keeping up with what their customers want.

I came across this blog post, What Determines the Price of Painted Furniture by The Magic Brush Inc about pricing of repainted furniture. I just had to share it. The gray side table above is one of her repainted pieces.

I, too, hope more people try painting furniture and other wood pieces. However, if you do decide to buy a redone piece, please know there was a ton of time and love put into it.  It probably is underpriced, so go ahead, support the small business and labor of love.

Have you repainted a piece of furniture, sold it and felt you lost money on it?  I would love to hear about it.

4 thoughts on “Painted and Refurbished Furniture Pricing

  1. I would love to repaint a dresser we just got. I was going to track you down with questions an how-to’s. Since you don’t have time for your own… I figured you may have time to help someone else right?!? haha 🙂 But seriously, I am really considering it, but need some pointers and tips sometime when you head this way to check it out!

    • First and most important is to find a brush. Secondly you need paint. Insert brush into paint, but not too deep. Remove brush and appy to furniture in nice even strokes. Repeat until furniture is covered with desired color, then stop.

  2. Can’t wait to see your new furniture, not to mention your house. I would be happy to give some pointers. Probably won’t be heading that way until late March or April though.

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