300 Sales at It’s Still Life

Pink Melmac

It is time to celebrate with me again.  It was in October that I told you that I hit my 200th sale.  I had sold my first 100 sales in 11 months.  Then it took 4 months to do another 100 sales.  On Thursday I just hit 300 sales in just over 3 months.  I am so excited how well my Etsy shop is doing.  My 300th sale was these pink melamac plates.  I just listed them earlier this week.  I am pretty sure my customer bought them for Valentine’s Day.


Just so you know that not everything I list sells that quickly, look at my 301st sale.  It was this military canteen and cup.  This item was one of the items had been in my shop the longest.  I listed it back in Oct 2011.  Sometimes it takes just the right person to find what I have.  Patience is important on unique items.

So in 18 months that I have been selling on Etsy, I have been privileged to sell to 300 wonderful people.  Each one has touched me in some way.  My goal is to continue to sell about one item a day at this point.  So if all goes well I will hit my 400th sale by the end of April.  Wish me luck, and know that I will be working hard to make it happen.

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