Men’s Neckties – Non Vintage Thrifting

Geometric Heart Neck Tie a

I joined a Facebook Group called Thrifting with the Boys about six months ago.  They are a group of Ebay sellers that help each other out with ideas and support. Ebay is their main focus but many of the group members sell in other areas such as Amazon or Etsy.

Recently the discussion was on men’s neckties.  I  learned that neckties are easy to ship and light weight.  I do not normally sell clothes.  I do sell hats and aprons, so why not look at ties.  Lately I have been checking out the ties in the thrift stores just to see what is out there.  I would prefer to sell vintage ties on Etsy, but vintage ties are hard to come by and when I do see them they usually are nondescript. How do you sell something online that is hard to describe?

This week I found two, newer Valentine’s ties.  The Geometric Heart Necktie was what caught my eye first.  I knew it was bold…design as well as color.  Plus it would be easy to describe.  I listed it on Ebay on Sunday and it was sold about 5 hours later.

Heart Pooh Neck Tie b

I also found this Winne the Pooh Heart Necktie at the same thrift store this past week.  I know Disney is popular with kids so maybe someone will buy it for their Dad this Valentine’s Day.  Again an easy tie to describe.

I do no plan to start selling a lot of ties or selling a lot on Ebay, but I use that outlet to sell items that aren’t vintage or have a high demand.  Just opening up my options to selling my treasures.

Have you tried selling something outside of your comfort zone?

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