Winter Has Returned


Winter since the beginning of the year has been relatively mild.  Yes, we have had below zero temperatures at times, but the wind hasn’t been too strong.  Nor have we received a lot of snow since the beginning of the year.  However, that changed this weekend.  We had a snowstorm.  Not a wicked, everything is shut down type of storm, but a storm that brought snow and high winds to make travel difficult.  The best part is that the yucky brown is covered with a beautiful white, and knowing it won’t last long, it is easier to enjoy.

January and February have been busy with homeschooling, the boys’ activities, and keeping up with my Shop.  There are a couple more weeks left of the crazy schedule.  Then life should settle back to the dull roar, and I can start going to auction sales, thrifts and even garage sales again.

Were your January and February restful and relaxing or were they busier than ever?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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