Monday Still Life – Good Morning

Mar 25 2013

Good Morning. This is the view outside my back window this morning. The little streak in the sky is a jet.

We have had gray, cloudy skies with flurries the past week. It looks like we might see the sun today. Right now it is just 4 above, but has a feels-like temperature of 9 below. Yesterday as we walked out of church is was snowing. I started to sing…It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It really does feel like Christmas instead of Easter time. No green at all to be seen.  But it will come.

Yes, I have been absent for the past month or two.  Life has been crazy good.  My busiest time of the year is December through March.  I think I am starting to see it slow down just a little bit.  Garage sales and auctions sales should be starting up in the next month.  My youngest should be done with 8th grade in less than 4 weeks.  Life is good.

Are you seeing green where you live?


2 thoughts on “Monday Still Life – Good Morning

  1. Yep, Karen – We are seeing plenty of green (soon to start turning a bit brown), blue skies & 50-80+ degree weather here in SoCal – can’t really complain much at all – I hope your area is beginning to thaw some, finally?! ;o))

    • Oh it would be so nice. We are expecting around a foot of snow this weekend. I want to move to CA, wait then I think of all the people and I think I will stay. 🙂

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