All or Nothing Personality

Sugar Snacks

I know that I have an all-or-nothing type personality.  I remember realizing it when I was in college.  I had a snack machine right outside my dorm room suite door. I passed that machine every day and didn’t even think about it.  But then one day about two weeks prior to the year ending, I decided to have a snack from the machine with a friend.  That did it.  I thought about a snack every time I walked by, and in those two weeks I had a snack from that machine every day.  No will power for me. I either can’t think about something or when I do, I will fight it till I give in.  Thank goodness I didn’t try it at the beginning of the year. Can’t imagine what I would have looked like.

I have known this about me for years, yet never really think about it too much.  However I recently read and article by Gretchen Rubin on her blog about the One-Coin Argument.  One coin doesn’t make you rich, yet at some point one coin will make you rich. A great paradox.

Over the last couple of years I have been changing my eating habits due to health issues.  6 months I stopped eating sugar in order to stop my dependency on sugar.  I love me some sugar, but I knew it was causing some of my issues.  The first three days were tough, but then I felt so much better when I wasn’t eating sugar.  It made a huge difference, but I thought I couldnt’ NOT eat sugar always, so I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate it back into my diet in small amounts.

Ice Cream

Well that hasn’t gone so well because of my all-or-nothing personality. I was telling myself one, small sugary snack wouldn’t make a difference.  I did well at first, but then I travelled a lot in March and found that “one” didn’t make a difference but that I was regularly adding that “one coin” to my day. Before I knew it, “one” turned into “four”, I was back to being addicted to sugar.

So I am trying to re-regulate my body, and I am spending some time trying to figure out how I change my all-or-nothing personality when it comes to sugar.  I can’t go on being addicted to sugar, I just don’t feel good when I do and it affects my family.  Yet I am not sure how to incorporate a little in my diet without totally crashing and eating too much.  Oh the joys of life. 🙂  I just know I am going to keep trying.

So what about you?  Do you have a One-Coin mentality on something that you are working on getting out of your life or making it a habit?

Oh and yes, the photos are of some of my favorite sugar snacks.  I have mostly given up Coke, but the other items still get me.

5 thoughts on “All or Nothing Personality

  1. This post really resonates with me. I definitely have the “all or nothing” trait! I see it in all aspects of my life — my work habits, my diet, my thrifting, my perfectionism. I remember giving up smoking MANY years ago and knowing from the start that I could never have even a puff of a cigarette again. To this day, I refuse. I know I’d never stop with just one.

    That said, your post has also made me hungry for a Cadbury egg and a coke! 😉

  2. Karen, I’m also one of those, as well as in many aspects of my life – sugar rules, & tends to rule my life & always has. I know it’s not good, could catch up to me, but my recent physical didn’t warrant too much change, so I’ll continue to enjoy & trust in my ‘in moderation’ consideration of things as much as I still can for now ❤ Continue doing what you know is right & best for you – finding any little slight replacements along the way. ;o)

    • It is a daily balancing act. If I could just figure out how to let the all or nothing go. The “in moderation” just doesn’t seem to happen for me.

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