Picnic Baskets and Magazine Racks

Hawkeye Picnic Basket 1Over the course of the last two months I have been so busy with family life, I haven’t had time to list many items in my store.  My inventory was down to around 75 items.  I want to keep it over 100 and hope to get it to 150 items by summer.  Life has calmed down some; still of few more weeks of boys’ activities and home schooling.  I have been trying to list a few items and realized I haven’t shown you these items that I found last fall.

Summer is coming so why not use a beautiful woven basket with cute plastic plates and plastic paper plate holders.  It is a Basketville basket.  If it doesn’t sell, I will keep it for my own storage.

Woven Picnic Basket d

I haven’t listed this woven basket yet, but hope to soon.  Love the color of the plates and cups.  I did list a basket I have shown before. I will have 3 picnic baskets listed.  I recently sold one.  With spring in the air, now is the time for people to be looking for these extra-large baskets.  I really do think they would make great storage in my home.

Silver Magazine Rack 2

I also have been listing some magazine racks.  I love the color, silver.  This funky magazine rack is different, but great sleek shape. It feels 50s to me. Normally I see two-sided racks like this one below.

Gold Magazine Rack 1 This magazine rack looks space age to me, but I would prefer it to be silver. Yeah, I know, I know…gold is making a come-back. But not for this girl, at least for a while.

Bamboo Magazine Rack 1

Finally this bamboo magazine rack is collapsible.  If it doesn’t sell I plan to paint it another color.

So there you have it some of my first listings in a while.  I am sure as I keep working on it, I will find more things I haven’t shared.  Plus I hope to get back to auction sales soon.  Garage sales won’t start for another month around here, but I can’t wait.  It has been too long.

So do you have auction sales going on where you live?  When do they start?

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