First Garage Sales of the Season

Martha Stewart Floral Chip and Dip Bowl

Let me preface this with, we are expecting a foot of snow from Saturday evening till Monday morning here in Bismarck, ND, so garage sale season is not here yet.  However, I noticed that there were two churches in town that were holding sales to raise money.  Since everyone else had plans I decided to hit them before I started my day.  Neither had a lot of stuff that I am typically interested in,; but I didn’t find a couple of things.  The second sale started at 9. When I drove up right before the door opened there were 80 people waiting in line.  Yes, I think we all want nice weather, so we can start treasure hunting.

The first item was a brand new Marth Stewart Floral Chip & Dip set that was new in the box and still in its plastic.  I love green. I just had to grab it.  It will be spring someday, and if not, I don’t have to wait till spring to use it, do I?

Monopoly Star Wars

I grabbed this Star Wars 3D Monopoly game.  I know Star Wars is ever popular, so I figured I might be able to sell it. My boys immediately snatched it up to play with it when they saw it.  At least I know that Star Wars is popular.

winnie the pooh mug

Winnie the Pooh seems to remain popular as well, so I bought this like-new mug.

Disney Mug Romero

And of course Disney is always popular too.  So I grabbed this like-new Romero Britto Tinker Bell Mug too.  I also found an eagle mug that I thought Z would like for his room to hold pens. One of his decorations is eagles. I was right again; it was in his room before I could take a photo of it.  At least I can pat myself on the back since I seem to know what is popular. Ha.


Finally the last items were these pieces of jewelry.  I have been wanting to try to make some Ribbon Bookmarks.  When I saw these charms, I figured it was worth buying them to add to my bookmarks.  For 10 cents a piece I don’t think I was taking too big of a risk.

That is it. I wasn’t at either sale long.  Had things to do around the house.  Yesterday was my husband’s birthday.  He took the day off.  We went out for lunch, did a little shopping and went to the Garden Expo.  We had a blast, so I figured I better get home and get something done.

Did you find anything this weekend?

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