Thrifty Finds – May 9

Galvanized Gas Can a

Here are the other items that I found last weekend.  I wanted to post them before I find more things.  I am hoping to hit a few more sales on Friday or Saturday.  So far my luck has been pretty good.

I love old galvanized items.  We had several galvanized tools on the farm where I grew up.  so I grabbed this old galvanized gas can.  I love that the spouts are rusted.

Old Galvanized Buckets

Of course these two buckets had to come home.  The galvanized one we used to feed our baby calves milk  The other was used to carry milk in it.  I already have one of these buckets.  I have an indoor flower planted in a pot.  Then I put the pot inside the bucket.  I love how it looks.

Fisher Price School Days Desk Set

Grabbed this Fisher Price School Days Desk.  I sold one over a year ago.  This one has some scratching in the chalkboard, but with the chalk paint that is available that would be an easy fix.

Cram Globe

I have had an old globe for a while.  This one is pre 1989 since it has the Soviet Union on it.

Smith corona typewriter

I also bought this rusty orange electric typewriter.  I love the color.  I wish it was a manual typewriter, but it still would make a great display piece.

Industrial Stool

Finally my favorite find would be this old industrial chippy, rusty stool.  I love the patina and the blue seat cover.  This one I can’t decide what to do with it.  Probably will sell it, but not sure yet.

So are you having fun going to garage, rummage or tag sales?


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