Treated Like a Queen

choco rasp wine

I am the most blessed girl in the world.  I have been treated like a queen for 2.5 days now.  (I get treated well all of them time, actually.)  You see, today, May 12 is Mother’s Day and my Anniversary.  I have been a Mom now for 17+ years and married to the love of my life for 23 years.  I get to celebrate both on the same day.

My dear husband decided to take me out to eat at the Peacock Alley in Bismarck on Friday evening. I hadn’t eaten there before.  It was absolutely yummy.  We even had a Chocolate Turtle cake with ice cream for dessert. After, we hung out downtown and watched the annual Band Night Parade that kicks off spring around here.  Saw several people we knew…mostly friends’ children.  It was a little windy, but a nice evening to spend with my husband.

Yesterday we went to church in the evening, and then the boys took me out to eat at The Walrus Restaurant.  Another restaurant I hadn’t eaten at before, but a friend of theirs recommended the pizza.  I had a Fruit Salad that had strawberries, pineapple, oranges on a bed of greens.  Simply yummy.  Then they took me out for Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.  Dessert two nights in a row.  Yum, yum.  Later we went home had some wine and read.  I love lazy cozy evenings with my family and a good book. To me the perfect way to celebrate.

Today the boys made me breakfast and brought it to me in bed.  Didn’t I tell you that I am being treated like a queen?  They made lunch and plan to make me dinner too. I think it is sloppy joes.  No cooking for the last three days.  I can get used to this.

Can we have Mother’s Day and my anniversary again next weekend?

1 thought on “Treated Like a Queen

  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! We spent the day doing yardwork with my mother. Even though it was work, I thinks she enjoyed it!! 😉 We got most of it done at least!

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