Thrifty Finds – May 13

Fisher Price Teaching Clock

Last fall I told you about my Rush of Remembering when I saw this clock.  I was so excited when I saw not one, but two Fisher Price Teaching Clocks at a garage sale on Saturday.  What to do? Can’t leave either one, so I bought both.  The lady said that she bought them for her daughters because she had them when she was young.  They could have cared less about them.  Oh, the stab of the heart.  Doesn’t everyone love what I love?

Red Picnic Basket

I also purchased this red wicker basket.  I drooled over the red exterior.  I already have two picnic baskets on sale; this woven one and this Hawkeye one.  I sold one.  Have to get this one listed this week.

Clairol Kindness 20 hairsetter a

On a Facebook group for thrifting I heard that old hot rollers sell well.  I picked up this old set by Clairol, the Kindness 20 Instant Hairsetter Set that looks like new.

Clairol Lock N Roll a

Then I saw this Clairol Lock and Roll set too.  I have a few things listed on eBay and since this one isn’t that old, I will list it on My Ebay.

Childs Oak Rocking Chair

Anything miniature is always cute.  This sold oak, folding rocking chair for a child or large doll is so cute.

So it was a good garage sale weekend.  What was your favorite find?

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10 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds – May 13

    • I have not seen the blue version of it. Would love to see it. I am sure if you remember it, there was something like that out there. I would snatch it up instantly if I ever saw a blue one.

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