Rush of Remembering – Earring Holder

Turtle Earring Holder

Sometimes I pick up something for $.25 just because it brings back memories.  When I was young I had pierced ears.  Think I got them pierced my freshmen year.  Small dot-sized earrings were popular.  The best way to keep them was in a heavy metal, shaped earring holder like the one above.  We didn’t have this one exactly, but I can see my gold with diamond studs in it.

Offered by Gussiesparlour on Etsy

Offered by Gussiesparlour on Etsy

If you just have to have one like mine, you can go on Etsy and search for metal earring holders and you will find a few like the girl above offered by Gussies Parlour.  Come on, you know you want one.

I have not had pierced ears since 1999.  How do I know that? When I was pregnant with my second son, piercings started bothering me.  Wearing earrings bothered me, so I stopped wearing them.  By the time JV was born, and I thought about wearing earrings again, probably sometime after he was 6 months old, my holes had grown closed.  What? 15 years or so, and they grew closed.

Why don’t I go get them pierced again?  I am chicken.  The thought of punching a hole into my body, scares me.  I know it wouldn’t really hurt, but the thought does me in.  It was never a problem when I had long hair, because you really couldn’t see my ears.  Now that I have short hair I have started thinking about piercing my ears again.  If I can get past the thought of creating a hole in my body, I will do it. Promise I will let you know because I know the fact that I can’t pierce my ears will keep you awake at night.

So do you remember earring holders like the turtle above?  Did you have one?

2 thoughts on “Rush of Remembering – Earring Holder

  1. Yes, I sure did, Karen, & the turtle one looks so familiar, however I can’t quite remember what shape mine was ❤

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