Thrifty Finds – May 20

Gold Plated Magazine Rack a

I went out to 8 garage sales on Thursday morning and had a little bit of luck.  I didn’t go out Friday, just too much to do around here.  Then I had to go to Dickinson on Saturday.  Mom and I found a little time to get to an auction for 30 minutes, but not a lot that I wanted.

However, this magazine rack was thrown in with something else that I wanted.  I was pleased because my gold magazine racks have sold well.

Green Train Case a

I picked up this green train case at a garage sale.  Not sure if a green one will sell.  I have sold other colors. This one screams 1980s to me, yet I think it is older than that.  Guess I will find out if it sells or not.  I think the make great storage boxes for toys, makeup, jewelry and craft items.

Crams Imperial World Globe a

I found another Cram Imperial World Globe that was reasonably priced.  I really love the beige with a blue/green color and nothing else.  Set in a gold base, I think this one is stunning.  It is pre 1989 since it still has the Soviet Union on it.

Homco Transporation Wall Hangings a

One of my early listing back in 2011 when I started my Etsy shop was the bicycle built for 2 from Homco.  It sold pretty quickly, so when I saw this trio, called Time Traveler’s, I just had to pick them up.  I think they would look amazing in a boy’s room that had vintage transportation in it.

Ingento Paper Cutter a

I usually wiling to sell most anything I find, but this strong guy was hard for me to list.  I bought it at a garage sale where proceeds were going for Relay for Life cancer benefit.  I have always had a fascination with old guillotine paper cutters.  I don’t know how old this is.  I remember being a teacher’s aide when I was in high school.  I would help grade school teacher’s out with paperwork during my study hall. I remember cutting lots of paper with one of these bad boys.  I attended a small school so all 12 grades were in one school building.  I graduating in a class of 27. At first I thought I would keep the cutter, but no, someone else can enjoy it.  This is one item I will buy any time I see it.


Finally, here is a little Fisher Price riding toy.  It is a little faded but that just tells me it was used and loved.  I didn’t use this.  I think this was after my time as a little girl.  I just love how slender it is.  It seems like most riding toys now are so bulky.  Maybe just a little safer, but so rounded that they almost seem bigger than the toddler.

Did you own any of these items?

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14 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds – May 20

  1. i adore that fisher price rider! definitely on my thrifting wish list. i also really like the transpo trio – not sure where i would put them but i would do my best to find a spot, haha. 😉

  2. Gold magazine racks sell really well for me, too. I love the one you found! And I like those paper cutters, too — such a great vintage industrial vibe. There’s one similar to it in my office, and it still gets frequent use!

    • You haven’t cut your fingers off yet? They just seem so dangerous, I think that is why I love them. It really seems gold is coming back into vogue.

  3. The case is probably from the 70s, My mum gave me a similar one to store my barbies in (and that was mid 80s) . It had a couple little satin pockets and a mirror on the inside. 🙂

    • Storing Barbies in that case would be great. This one probably had a mirror in it at one time, but it is missing. Do you still have the Barbies yet? Hope so. Love those old dolls.

  4. I LOVE everything you found, but more importantly… we’re neighbors! I live in Dickinson and barely know any fellow ND bloggers! What town are you in? Thanks for linking up to the “Go Get Your Garage Sale On” Linky party! I’d love if you want to link up any additional finds!

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